My Learning Collaborative ("MyLC") is a framework customized to your pedagogy to support personalized, interdisciplinary and competency-based learning

  • Allows students to set and track their goals, all customized to your school's language and pedagogy
  • Allows teachers to personalize by allowing continuous grouping and regrouping of students and competencies into meaningful sessions
  • Allows students to have greater agency and ownership of learning by creating their own sessions and adding competencies
  • Ideal for schools that track learning targets or competencies using interdisciplinary units
Works with Google Drive
For Google users, students and teachers can use Google sign-in and integrate with your existing Google Drive™ accounts across the MyLC platform to submit evidence and utilize resources.

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Learner Centered

Traditional grading is centered around groups of students in a course, typically locked into a fixed calendar of terms or semesters. All students receive the same credit based on assignments or subject standards. MyLC puts the student at the center of the grade and credit. Students are grouped in teacher or student-designed learning modules. Standards from multiple subjects can be added to these relevant and dynamic experiences. Each student can have a different standards and the expected progress and credit is personalized for each individual.

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Competency-Based Tracking

Track students by competencies, create custom groups of any students and competencies from any course. Expected progress is different for each student based on their personalized goals.

Group and Regroup

True personalized competency-based learning requires the ability to quickly group and regroup students. MyLC allows users to create all kinds of rosters: units, classes, seminars, courses, field trips, courses or whatever your school sets up for session labels in MyLC (all customizable to your pedagogy, of course). Teachers control whether these rosters can be visible to students. Account administrators can even open rosters for student self-registration. Teachers can add learning targets from any course or subject to their rosters.


MyLC supports interdisciplinary units of study, where teachers can have the flexibility to combine learning competencies from multiple subjects or courses, while separately maintaining a student's completion record for each individual course.


It's your pedagogy! MyLC lets you use your own labels that define your learning. Define labels for:

  • Grades, be it a number, letter, or other descriptor.
  • Units of instructions, such as seminars, units, or classes
  • Grade appropriate descriptors for your school. For example, elementary schools may group learning by "subject," where high schools may group by "course."

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