2017-2018 Pricing for myLC

myLC is an annual subscription-based service with no contracts and no long-term commitment. First year committment is typically 4700 to serve up to 300 students.

myLC: Frequently Asked Questions

What is myLC?
"My Learning Collaborative" is for a management tool to support Competency-Based, Interdisciplinary, or Seminar-Based models of instruction

What does it do?
myLCis designed to handle the day-to-day scheduling, management, and tracking needs of schools using competency-based grading or interdisciplinary learning. The web-based solution is built from the ground up to be a customized tool for staff, students, and parents to have easy access to information in one place. A simple and intuitive interface is the goal, minimizing screen time to allow for maximum face time between teacher and student. Components include:
  • Teacher seminar building and seminar archive. Supports sharing of seminars and resources with all schools using myLC.
  • Seminar resource sharing between all schools using myLC.
  • Teacher tools for scoring seminar benchmark targets and awarding credit.
  • Teacher and admin tools for monitoring attendance, including a mobile site and gmail gadget that will send teacher attendance directly to the school admin or lead teacher and the student's advisor/mentor.
  • A student web portal allowing student self-registration for seminars, workshops, and classes.
  • A student portal for viewing seminar and course history plus credit and grades.
  • An admin portal for monitoring student progress.
  • An admin portal with a full suite of tools to manage seminar registration, scheduling, grading, courses, and export of data for use in other student information systems.

Is this a grading program?
myLCis designed to aggregate and track credit. Many seminar, project, and place-based schools don't accrue course credit all in one place. myLCis designed to track this credit. If you have a robust grading program that works for you, I suggest you continue to use it. But if you are not using a Carnegie model of instruction, you may have found yourself frustrated with how to report learning. myLCoffers a simple set (growing every week!) of tools that allow credit and grades to be disaggregated and then reaggregated. Simply put, myLCprovides a structure that allows for highly creative interdisciplinary teaching, while separately keeping track of progress towards traditional credit.

Can I get a trial?
Since myLC is customized for each school, there is online demo account. Contact myLC support and sales for a virtual meeting and demo of a live and active account.

Who is the myLC team?
Kevin Erickson is the developer. Contact him at kevin@mylcsolution.com. Testing and customization recommendations is done by partner schools in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Kentucky.

What kind of support can I expect?
By building custom solution specific to the terminology and workflow of your school, the software is designed to be intuitive and customized for your unique framework. You will have access to a developer or support member throughout your use period.. You can expect a two visits to your school from a developer or myLC "power user" consultant during the first year of your subscription.