2017-2018 Pricing for myLC

myLC is an annual subscription-based service with no contracts and no long-term commitment. Prices start at $3900.00 per year

Annually Base Prices$4500
Number of Student Accounts60-250 Contact for additional accounts.
Number of Staff Accounts15up to 15 staff accounts supported, contact for additional accounts.
One-time setup* $400*$100 if account setup before July 15
Data renewal $200-$400 Optional, users can always add or remove students, courses, or learning targets on their own.
Mobile SiteIncluded

myLC: Frequently Asked Questions

What is myLC?
"My Learning Collaborative" is for a management tool for small schools that use an Interdisciplinary Learning Collaborative (ILC) model for teaching and learning. It is also ideal for small schools, or schools that use seminar based model where learning teams change more often than a carnegie unit model. Really, any non-carnegie school model may want to look at myLCbeta.
What does it do?
myLCis designed to handle the day-to-day scheduling, management, and tracking needs of schools using interdisciplinary learning. The web-based solution is built from the ground up to be a customized tool for staff, students, and parents to have easy access to information in one place. A simple and intuitive interface is the goal, minimizing screen time to allow for maximum face time between teacher and student. Components include:
  • Teacher seminar building and seminar archive. Supports sharing of seminars and resources with all schools using myLC.
  • Seminar resource sharing between all schools using myLCbeta.
  • Teacher tools for scoring seminar benchmark targets and awarding credit.
  • Teacher and admin tools for monitoring attendance, including a mobile site and gmail gadget that will send teacher attendance directly to the school admin or lead teacher and the student's advisor/mentor.
  • A student web portal allowing student self-registration for seminars, workshops, and classes.
  • A student portal for viewing seminar and course history plus credit and grades.
  • An admin portal for monitoring student progress.
  • An admin portal with a full suite of tools to manage seminar registration, scheduling, grading, courses, and export of data for use in other student information systems.
Is this a grading program?
myLCis designed to aggregate and track credit. Many seminar, project, and place-based schools don't accrue course credit all in one place. myLCis designed to track this credit. If you have a robust grading program that works for you, I suggest you continue to use it. But if you are not using a Carnegie model of instruction, you may have found yourself frustrated with how to report learning. myLCoffers a simple set (growing every week!) of tools that allow credit and grades to be disaggregated and then reaggregated. Simply put, myLCprovides a structure that allows for highly creative interdisciplinary teaching, while separately keeping track of progress towards traditional credit.
Is this project based learning software?
No. If you are a project-based learning school, you can absolutely use myLCto track credit and grades, especially if interdisciplinary projects involve credit from multiple course, and if day-to-day schedule management is an issue. If you are looking for an online tool to manage project workflow, there are other other products that do this well.
What is Completion Target Grading?
Completion Targets are learning targets, benchmarks, or standards that must be met to award credit. A student's course credit at any given time is the percentage of completion targets finished for that course of study. Completion targets must be defined prior to the beginning of the course of study, so teachers generally put some a fair amount of thought into making targets that are flexible enough to support your school goals, yet detailed enough to provide a concrete task that needs to be completed. Completion targets are kept as one score only, so if the target appears for a student in a later seminar or course, the target score is simply updated (ideally it is improved!). myLCis about personalized learning, teachers using a Completion Target grading method can always override targets and give adhoc credit.
Can I get a trial?
You can take a tour or request a demo which gives you access to every page of the myLCbeta. The only thing you can't do is save new information.
Why is myLC listed as beta?
myLC was started in fall of 2011 at the Kettle Moraine School for Arts and Performance (KM Perform) out of the need to track disaggregated credit and grades in an ILC model where students register for seminars and workshops on a 6-week/2-week rotation. With the cooperation of the Appleton Career Academy and staff at KM Perform, the software is being customized as the ILC model grows and develops. We are adding features every week.
Who is the myLCteam?
Kevin Erickson is the developer. Contact him at kericksomu@gmail.com. Testing and customization recommendations are being provided by Renee Ulman at Appleton Career Academy and Terri Catania at KM Perform. Feel free to contact them if you have questions on how it is being used.
What kind of customer support can I expect?
By building custom solution specific to the vocabulary and workflow of interdisciplinary learning, the software is designed to be intuitive and require little setup. The developer is active in ILC management and regularly attends symposiums with schools interested in ILC scheduling and grading. One member of your team may want to attend one of the symposiums where myLC is being demoed. These are usually free to teams already working with James Lewicki. That being said, you will have the developer's cell phone number and you should know that the software testers are using it daily to run schools. If it is not working for you, it is probably not being working for them either! If you still have more training needs, individual training sessions can be arranged - consulting services are generally less expensive in the summer.
Where can I learn more about the Interdisciplinary Learning Collaborative model?
A few years ago, education consultant, James Lewicki and the innovative teachers at Appleton Career Academy (ACA) in Appleton, WI, pioneered this model during the redesign of the ACA charter school. "The Interdisciplinary Learning Collaborative is an innovative high school design that engages its adolescent learners in purposeful interdisciplinary learning, multiple community connections, and collaborative pathway experiences that contribute to and benefit from the greater community." Learn more about the ILC at coopecology.com -- the website of Lewicki Education Consulting and also at www.appletoncareeracademy.com

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